Many Lies and One Important Fact: Congressman Sensenbrenner Town Hall

"Elections have consequences."   Jim Sensenbrenner (R-5th CD), Pewaukee Public Library,  Saturday, February 11, 2017 Anyone who expected Jim Sensenbrenner to be intimidated by the substantial turn-out at his Town Hall meetings last Saturday was in for a disappointment. Sensenbrenner is nothing like those other Republican congressmen who actually ran away from their angry constituents.  He's... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Paul Ryan: Trump is All Your Fault . . . yours and all the other Republicans

During his first week in office, Donald Trump regaled the annual prayer breakfast in Washington D.C. with the suggestion that the gathered worthies pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his poor ratings on The Apprentice.  Trump claimed that when he starred on this tasteless “reality” program, his ratings had been through the roof, much higher than... Continue Reading →

Why I Marched

I didn't march so the likes of Jeff Sessions could become the head law enforcement officer of our country, or climate change liar Scott Pruitt head of the EPA, or a fool like Betsy DeVos secretary of education.  I marched because, throughout his candidacy and from the very moment of his taking office, Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

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