Why I Marched

I didn’t march so the likes of Jeff Sessions could become the head law enforcement officer of our country, or climate change liar Scott Pruitt head of the EPA, or a fool like Betsy DeVos secretary of education.  I marched because, throughout his candidacy and from the very moment of his taking office, Donald Trump has presented a grim picture of America that I don’t recognize as my country. And because Donald’s Trump’s America is the same old Republican America of the rich against the many.  His presidency and his candidacy are an offense to basic decency and, on so many levels, an offense against reality.  Not one single member of his cabinet is truly qualified for the position he or she is nominated for. This band of incompetents’ only goal is to implement an extreme right-wing agenda that is fiercely anti-American.

If there is one thing Donald Trump exemplifies, it is contempt for the will of the majority of Americans. He sends his vice-presidential minion to address the anti-choice march when the millions all over the country who marched the week before are simply ignored or worse, defamed.  He institutes illegal immigration orders causing worldwide chaos and then brags about how it was a success.  His lies are already so numerous they are almost uncountable.

Jeff Sessions is not going to prosecute any genuine crimes.  He is going to persecute the innocent.  As our country plunges into chaos, we need someone we can trust, not another Trumpian bigot, running the Justice Department.  If we’re not going to get that, it would be better to have no one.

But I think we do need an AG who will investigate and prosecute Trump.  He is not qualified to hold office, mentally, emotionally, or intellectually.  His business dealings are disreputable.  He is a swindler, a liar, and a braggart.  He needs to be removed before he does more damage to this country.

And we as Americans have to take steps to insure that the Republicans cannot do this to us again.  They have a coalition based on forcing minority views on the majority of this country.  Their  arrogance is appalling.  We can’t let them get away with it.

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