As Expected, City of Sheboygan Grants Permit to Troubled Kohler Golf Course

Kohler’s Plan Takes Land from State Park to Devastate Lakeshore Environment

On December 15, the City of Sheboygan Plan Commission met to decide whether to grant Kohler Co. a conditional use permit (CUP) to develop a rare wetland and old growth beech forest into a luxury golf course

Going the way of the Pequod

Taking their orders from the Captain Ahabs of industry and organized labor, key Wisconsin Democrats meekly surrendered on the Felony Trespass Bill, making environmental protest illegal. In the meantime, the State's environment is sinking faster than the Pequod. What if the protectionism being granted to big oil had been applied to whaling, an industry once... Continue Reading →

“Why, Mr. Kohler, Why?” (Part 1)

Kathleen Rammer still wants to know why – why did Herb Kohler Jr. go back on his word? He made her a promise on Christmas Eve, 2013, “Before this all started,” Rammer said. Before Kohler Co. proposed to build a championship, Pete Dye golf course on top of a globally rare wetland and clear cut a... Continue Reading →

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